JRuby – Just Ruby

I wrote a blog post about my favorite Ruby implementation JRuby over in the eurucamp blog. It’s an article introducing people to JRuby highlighting the benefits of it as well as the misconceptions that exist. Why did I write that there and not here? Oh yeah, I’m organizing JRubyConf.EU this year and wanted to promote the conference a bit and the JRubyConf.EU is basically a sub set of the eurucamp team.

Go ahead and read the whole article.

Video: Shoes talk at JRubyConf 2013

Finally the video of my talk at JRubyConf 2013 in Berlin is online. It was my first full length talk at a conference, I gave it almost a year ago – some difficulties with the video material and getting it online caused this delay. Nonetheless it is finally here! The talk was titled “Shoes – the Ruby Way to GUI applications” and now  you can go ahead and watch it or you can watch all the other amazing talks.

While that is a bit old, some of the information isn’t up to date anymore. Most importantly about what still needs to be implemented as we made tremendous progress so far. We have a preview release and are happily looking into the future 🙂

Shoes Presentation from JRubyConf

So today i gave my first full time presentation at a conference – JRubyConf that is. It went well! Thanks for having me! 🙂

My presentation itself was written and presented in shoes (yes a presentation about shoes in shoes!) and you can grab it on my github repository (there are instructions there how to install/run it)  – but I thought providing a PDF with the screenshots of the presentation might be nice.  But I really encourage you to try the shoes version, you get way nicer effects there 🙂 And yes my little presentation tool doesn’t have PDF export – yet 😉

So here you can get the presentation:

Have a great week, try out shoes and most importantly Shoes on!