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Slides: Optimizing For Readability (Codemotion Berlin 2015)

Slides: Optimizing For Readability (Codemotion Berlin 2015)

Yesterday I gave a talk at Codemotion Berlin, it was “Optimizing For Readability” – an updated version of my “Code is read many more times than written”. It features new insights and new organizational practices to keep the code base clean and nice. Abstract:

What do software engineers do all day long? Write code? Of course! But what about reading code, about understanding what’s happening? Aren’t we doing that even more? I believe we do. Because of that code should be as readable as possible! But what does that even mean? How do we achieve readable code? This talk will introduce you to coding principles and techniques that will help you write more readable code, be more productive and have more fun!

(pictures by Raluca Badoi

And here you can see the slides, sadly there is no video 😦 Slides are CC BY-NC-SA.

Hope you like the code, please leave some feedback. I’d especially love suggestions for a better talk title 🙂

Slides: Code is read many more times than written

Hi everyone,

yesterday I gave a presentation at the Ruby User Group Berlin about some of my favorite coding practices. Those are general and not particular to Ruby only. Thanks everyone for being there and for your feedback! =)

As always, the slides aren’t made to be sufficient on their own but can still be interesting 🙂