About myself

Hi, I’m Tobi, on the web I’m more known as “PragTob”! I am interested in agile methodologies, Ruby, clean code, web technologies, open source, teaching, security, cool programming languages (like CoffeeScript and Clojure) and many other things. I organize the Ruby User Group Berlin, am a frequent coach at Rails Girls Berlin and spend a lot of time working on Shoes.

Those are the topics I will primarily blog about here.

I am always happy to receive feedback on my posts so please feel free to leave comments.:

You can find out more about me at pragtob.info.

If you want to write me an email use this: pragtob@gmail.com

About this blog

Despite blogging about my interests this is also kind of a solutions blog. This means that if I run into some non trivial problem concerning software engineering I’ll blog about it here as a reminder for others and myself to read and benefit from. Also I am welcoming any feedback on how to solve a given problem better or simply in another way.

This blog represents my own opinions and approaches so please don’t take everything I write for granted.


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