About myself

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Hi, I’m Tobi, on the web I’m more known as “PragTob”! I am interested in building things, agile methodologies, clean code, web technologies, open source, teaching, security, programming languages (like Ruby, Elixir & JavaScript) and many other things. I organize the Ruby User Group Berlin, am a frequent coach at Rails Girls Berlin. I spend a lot of time working on open source such as benchee.

Those are the topics I will primarily blog about here.

I am always happy to receive feedback on my posts so please feel free to leave comments.

You can find out more about me at pragtob.info.

If you want to write me an email use this: pragtob@gmail.com

About this blog

Despite blogging about my interests this is also kind of a solutions blog. This means that if I run into some non trivial problem concerning software engineering I’ll blog about it here as a reminder for others and myself to read and benefit from. Also I am welcoming any feedback on how to solve a given problem better or simply in another way.

This blog represents my own opinions and approaches so please don’t take everything I write for granted.

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