Video: Elixir & Phoenix – fast, concurrent and explicit

And here goes the video from Rubyconf Portugal – which was a blast! This talk mainly focuses on the latter explicit part of the title and how Elixir and Phoenix help with readable and maintainable code. It is also an introduction, quickly glancing at several topics that could also be topics of separate talks. This was at a ruby conference and I’m a ruby programmer, so parts of it are tailored to compare with Ruby, Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming as well as likenesses and differences between Rails and Phoenix. Hope you enjoy!

You can also have a look at the slides right here or as PDF, speakerdeck and slideshare.


Elixir and Phoenix are known for their speed, but that’s far from their only benefit. Elixir isn’t just a fast Ruby and Phoenix isn’t just Rails for Elixir. Through pattern matching, immutable data structures and new idioms your programs can not only become faster but more understandable and maintainable. This talk will take a look at what’s great, what you might miss and augment it with production experience and advice.

Slides from the Febuary 2013 Rails Girls Berlin workshop

Hi there,

So here are the slides from my talks from the Rails Girls Berlin workshop on Saturday, in their chronological order:

Introduction to web applications (the one with the map)

I love programming

The slides are Creative Commons Attribution license – so feel free to share and modify them but say where you got them from 😉

And as a little bonus I was allowed to post the beautiful Rails Model View Controller comic drawn by Anja of our Ruby Monsters project group – the comic is Crative Commons as well if I understood her right!




(green) Tobi

Slides: Introduction to Web Applications (RailsGirls Berlin)

Hi everyone,
here go the slides from my talk this morning at the RailsGirls Berlin December workshop. It’s a basic introduction to web applications and Ruby. Enjoy it and feel free to use it everywhere – if you got questions comment 🙂

So enjoy RailsGirls and enjoy coding! Hopefully see you around for the afterparty and feel free to grab me any time if you want to ask me something or just chat!



An Introduction To Shoes

Hi everyone,

I gave a talk about the Shoes GUI toolkit/DSL (depending on your point of view) at the Ruby User Group Berlin yesterday and I wanted to share the slides with everyone. Feel free to reuse and alter them for your purpose.

Feedback on the slides is also welcome.

Shoes on!

Sharing knowledge, ideas and resources

So what are blogs about? From my current point of view they are about sharing knowledge and ideas with other people. And of course to discuss these ideas and to give people the chance to build upon these ideas.

I want to expand a bit on the idea of sharing knowledge, especially the sharing of great knowledge resources. There are a ton of great resources out there, you just have to find them, which is often easier said than done. I wish I would have some of those resources earlier, for instance when I was trying to learn Ruby or Rails. I want to help to give the authors the respect and attention they deserve but foremost I want to help those who try to learn something to find the best (and probably free) resources to do so.

Therefore I’ll not only post about those resources but try to maintain pages referring to all those great resources I found over time. Of course there are also non free resources which deserve to be mentioned cause they are all well worth what they cost.

I hope that the first post will be up this weekend – so stay tuned!