Videos & Slides: It’s About the Humans, Stupid (Lighting)


When I was at the excellent Pivorak meetup I had  the chance to give an “inspirtational” lightning talk. So I took this chance and prepared a lightning talk version of a talk I’ve been submitting to a lot of conferences but always got rejected. The talk is about “soft” skills, not the usual “hard” skills talks that you might be used to 🙂

The topic is very close to my heart as applications aren’t developed in a vacuum – they are developed with and for humans. I hope you enjoy it and that at some point I submit it to the “right” conference which will accept that type of talk 🙂

You can see the slides here or take a look at them at speakerdeck, slideshare or PDF.


In the development world most people are striving for technical excellence: better code, faster run times, more convenient interfaces, better databases, faster deployments… But is that really what makes us better at developing software?

In the end software development is done by groups of people creating products together. To do that communication and collaboration between humans is essential – you can be the best programmer ever, if you can’t efficiently work with others what good does it do you?

This talk will give you a primer and food for further thought.




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