Talk video: Building Crystal in Crystal

I gave a rather spontaneous talk at the July edition of the Ruby User Group Berlin (which I organize). One of the speakers cancelled so I took it upon myself to do a replacement talk. As this was the morning of the user group I had little time. So, what do you do? I skipped my lunch break and then used the one hour I had to prepare the talk you can see embedded below. The talk is mainly about crystal, an interesting compiled programming language where the language is implemented in itself. So what better way to learn crystal than adding new functionality to crystal?

You can see me giving speaker tips, while breaking them! And then trying to do an unprepared live coding session, which fails (duuuhh surprise!). It was good fun either way, many people enjoyed the talk. Also here is the correct implementation of drop_while in crystal.

If you are interested, the other talks from the RUG::B are also online on vimeo. You can learn about Enumerator, Smalltalk and then lots of things during the lightning talks!


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