Solution: Converting a series of pictures to a PDF

So with my last presentation given in a not really mature presentation tool I still wanted to provide PDF slides for people to look at. So I took screenshots of every single slide and then wanted to put those into a PDF. But how to do it? I started out with Libreoffice and inserting images there maximizing them – but that’s way too boring, repetitive and time consuming. So a quick google search came up with this instead which worked instantly. You got to have imagemagick installed (on Linux at least it should already be installed as many packages depend on it, otherwise do sudo apt-get install imagemagick). With imagemagick you can just do the following on the console:

convert image_pattern*.png my_presentation.pdf

Or for me personally it was:

convert Screenshot\ from\ 2013-08-14\ 10\:4*.png shoes.pdf

Et voila a beautiful PDF with all my slides.

Hope this helps you!

Slides: Where to go from here (Ruby Beginners)

Hi everyone,

I just gave a lightning talk at RailsGirls Berlin about places where you can continue to learn about Ruby and Programming – especially for beginners. The slides got links to the mentioned content. So here they are:

Where to go from here (pdf slides)

Where to go from here (slideshare, here you can also download the .odp)

If you got any questions or something, please feel free to contact me (comment here or see the about section).

Enjoy coding!