Slides: Elixir & Phoenix – fast, concurrent and explicit (Codemotion Berlin 2016)

This is a remix and extended version (40 minutes) of the elixir and Phoenix talk I gave in the beginning of the year at the Ruby User Group Berlin and Vilnius.rb. It is an introductory talk about Elixir and Phoenix that shortly dips into the performance aspect but then switches over to features of the Elixir programming languages, principles and how it all comes together nicely in Phoenix. Also known as why do I want to program with Elixir and Phoenix – performance/fault tolerance aside.

This talk was the first talk I gave at Codemotion Berlin 2016.

Slides are embedded here or you can get the PDF, Speakerdeck or Slideshare.

There is no video, sadly – however there is a voice recording for which you can take and then click through the slides: voice recording.


Elixir and Phoenix are known for their speed, but that’s far from their only benefit. Elixir isn’t just a fast Ruby and Phoenix isn’t just Rails for Elixir. Through pattern matching, immutable data structures and new idioms your programs can not only become faster but more understandable and maintainable. This talk will take a look at what’s great, what you might miss and augment it with production experience and advice.


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