Video: What did AlphaGo do to beat the strongest human Go player?

The publishing/video partner of Full Stack Fest was amazingly fast in publishing the video. Kudos to them! So after publishing the slides here goes the video!

If you want to have the slides, here they are ( or via links PDF, Speakerdeck, Slideshare):

In case you want to see it live, the talk will be up again at Codemotion Berlin.


This year AlphaGo shocked the  world by decisively beating the strongest human Go player, Lee Sedol. An accomplishment that wasn’t expected for years to come. How did AlphaGo do this? What algorithms did it use? What advances in AI made it possible? This talk will briefly introduce the game of Go, followed by the techniques and algorithms used by AlphaGo to answer these questions.

PS: Yes, Lee Sedol probably wasn’t THE STRONGEST human player – more like Top 3 or Top 5 at the time of the game (most people would probably call Ke Jie the strongest player at the moment). Lee Sedol is the dominant of the last decade though, and when the match was announced nobody on the computer-go mailing list complained about the opponent, so I just assumed he was the strongest or among the strongest but only found out after submitting the talk 🙂 . Plus, sadly “How did AlphaGo beat one of the top 5 Go Players” isn’t as catchy as a title.


3 thoughts on “Video: What did AlphaGo do to beat the strongest human Go player?

  1. It didn’t beat the strongest player. In fact the strongest player challenged Alpha Go and they wouldn’t play him. That player had a better record vs Lee than Alpha Go.

    A disclaimer at the bottom is something but maybe you should change the link-baity title.

  2. Hi there,

    sorry the title is the title I submitted the talk with, the title I gave the talk with etc. I’ll try to make sure to change it up when submitting for future conferences.

    About the better record – afaik Ke Jie has an 8:2 record against Lee Sedol which is the same winning average AlphaGo has. Also, Lee Sedol is the active player who won the most international titles. So well defining strongest, is sort of hard. Plus I acknowledged the mistake and am sorry about it 🙂

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