Benchee 0.2.0 – warmup & nicer console output

Less than a week after the initial release of my benchmarking library Benchee there is a new version – 0.2.0! The details are in the Changelog. That’s the what, but what about the why?


Arguably the biggest change is introduction of a warmup phase to the benchmarks. That is the benchmark jobs are first run for some time without taking measurements to simulate a “warm” already running system. I didn’t think it’d be that important as the BEAM VM isn’t JITed (as opposed to the JVM) for all hat I know. It is important once benchmarks get to be “macro” – for instance databases usually respond faster once they got used to some queries and our webservers serve most of their time “hot”.

However, even in my micro benchmarks I noticed that it could have an effect when a benchmark was moved around (being run first versus being run last). So I don’t know to what effect, but at least to a small effect there is warmup now. If you don’t want warmup – just set warmup: 0.

Nicer console output

Name                                    ips        average    deviation         median
bodyrecusrive map                  40047.87        24.97μs    (±32.55%)        25.00μs
stdlib map                         39724.07        25.17μs    (±61.41%)        25.00μs
map tco no reverse                 36388.50        27.48μs    (±23.22%)        27.00μs
map with TCO and reverse           33309.43        30.02μs    (±45.39%)        29.00μs
map with TCO and ++                  465.25      2149.40μs     (±4.84%)      2138.00μs

bodyrecusrive map                  40047.87
stdlib map                         39724.07 - 1.01x slower
map tco no reverse                 36388.50 - 1.10x slower
map with TCO and reverse           33309.43 - 1.20x slower
map with TCO and ++                  465.25 - 86.08x slower

The ouput of numbers is now aligned right, which makes them easier to read and compare, as you can see orders of magnitude differences much more easily. Also the ugly empty line at the end of the output has been removed 🙂


This is the API incompatible change. It felt weird to me in version 0.1.0 that Benchee.benchmark would already run the function given to it. Now the jobs are defined through Benchee.benchmark and kept in a datastructure (similar to the one uses). Benchee.measure then runs the jobs and measures the outcome and provides them under the new run_times key instead of overriding the jobs key. This feels much nicer overall, of course the high level is unaffected by this.

These additions already nicely improve what Benchee can do and got a couple of items off my “I want to do this in benchee” bucket list. There’s still more to come 🙂


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