A Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet

Hi everyone,

during the last week I spent a large amount of time creating a Cheat Sheet for Rails beginners! So, here it is: http://pragtob.github.io/rails-beginner-cheatsheet/

I originally started creating this cheat sheet for my awesome Rails Girls Berlin project group. But I figured and hoped that a lot more people would be interested in this 🙂

So far this cheat sheet covers the following aspects:

  • Command line basics
  • Ruby basics including (Numbers, Strings, Arrays, Hashes)
  • Rails basics including a description of the folders and commonly used commands (like starting the server)
  • Tips about using an editor
  • Information about where to get help

So also feel free to check out the repository and especially the open issues – I would love feedback on many of them! And contributions are also very welcome!

Cheers, hope it helps you + keep on learning,



5 thoughts on “A Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet

  1. Great cheat sheet Tobias. Looks like you are doing well. Summer of code looks awesome.

    Keep up the great work and blog posts. You are doing great stuff.

    All the best, Jonathan

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