By popular demand: recipe for the cookies from the Rails Girls Berlin workshop

Hello everyone,

for my talk on Saturday I prepared cookies. Apparently people really liked them (yay!) and I got quite some requests for the recipe. It’s kind of a family recipe but I guess my grandpa is ok with me sharing it ­čÖé

So I translated the recipe to English – as good as I can – it follows in German afterwards. And at the end of this post there are some photos of me making those cookies this march (back in Sweden) – maybe it helps you.

The recipe (English) – short crust cookies

Spoiler:┬á My baking English isn’t really good.

Basic ingredients

  • 500g flour
  • 250g butter
  • 150g sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • a pinch of salt
  • 4 packets vanilla sugar
  • bitter almond aroma (Bittermandel Aroma) for 500g flour (I usually use a bit more ­čśë )

additional ingredients (for the dark part)

  • 40g cocoa
  • 50g butter

general instructions

Use the basic ingredients to make the dough. Knead the dough thoroughly. Then halve it and add the additional ingredients to one of the halves – knead this one extra thoroughly. Leave the dough to chill for approximately 30 minutes. Roll both doughs out to roughly equal size (and ideally shaped like a rectangle). Then put one dough on top of the other (I usually put the lighter one on top of the dark one) – here you may roll them out a bit more. Then coil them up. Keep rolling and halving until the rolls have the size you like. My grandpa goes for a diameter of 7cm – I take less. When the rolls are done you should leave them to chill (e.g. fridge) for about an hour. Afterwards you should make approximately 1cm thick slices and put them on the baking sheet.

My grandpa gave me these rough guidelines for baking them:

  • temperature: 225┬░C
  • time: 12 mins

or for air circulation:

  • temperature: 165┬░C
  • time: 25 mins.

The most important rule though is the following: COOKIES SHOULD NOT GET BROWN! which often is quite hard to accomplish. Sticking to the guidelines never worked for me – frequently checking them did.

Pro-tip: I always use at least 4 times the ingredients of this recipe. If you do so it’s much easier to make 2 separate doughs (light and dark one) from the very beginning. And the roll them out and put them on top of each other part also gets so much more fun!

Rezept (Deutsch) – M├╝rbeteigpl├Ątzchen


  • 500g Mehl
  • 250g Butter
  • 150g Zucker
  • 2 Eier
  • 1 Prise Salz
  • 4 P├Ąckchen Vanillezucker
  • Bittermandel-Aroma f├╝r 500g Mehl

Teig schnell und gr├╝ndlich kneten. Dann halbieren und eine H├Ąlfte mit 40g Kakao verkneten (etwa 50g Butter sollte zus├Ątzlich noch mit geknetet werden). Beide Teige ca. 30 Minuten kalt stellen. Danach beide Teige ausrollen, ├╝bereinander legen, leicht andr├╝cken und zusammenrollen. Teig weiterrollen und dabei lang ziehen, sodass eine Rolle von ca. 7 cm Durchmesser entsteht. Die fertigen Rollen ca. 1h im K├╝hlschrank k├╝hlen und dann in ca. 1 cm dicke Scheiben schneiden und mit entsprechendem Abstand auf ein Blech legen und backen. (PL├äTZCHEN D├ťRFEN NICHT BR├äUNEN)

F├╝rs Backen gibt es diese ungef├Ąhren Zeitangaben, bei mir weichen diese aber leider teilst drastisch ab. Deswegen empfehle ich oft nach den Keksen zu gucken.

  • Backtemperatur. 225 Grad Celsius
  • Zeit: ca. 12 min

 für Umluft:

  • Temperatur: 165 Grad Celsius
  • Zeit: 25 min

Protip: Ich mache meistens die 4-fache Menge an Keksen, da macht es sich dann auch besser wenn man den hellen und den dunklen Teig von Anfang an getrennt macht. Das ├╝bereinander legen macht so auch gleich noch ein mal viel mehr Spa├č ­čśë


Here some photos from my kitchen back in Sweden this march of me making those cookies – enjoy. And before you ask what the beer bottle does there – it excels at behaving like a rolling pin. One of the first things my grandpa taught me. Yeah, poor students.

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